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History of White Swan Stokesley

History of White Swan Stokesley

Located in a prominent position on the western entrance into the High Street, the White Swan was probably built in the early 1700’s as are the cottages nearby on the same side of the street.
The earliest record is from the Sun Fire Insurance Company who insured the pub in 1792. The innkeeper, George Coussons was recorded as a victualler – indicating food was being provided.

The rear yard area, accessible through the alley way to the right of the connecting house, gave access originally to stables, workshops and brewing buildings. Today it houses the beer garden and brewery. It takes some imagination to envisage the busy scene behind, as it would have been, with its cramped but busy purpose.

1792-1822 George Coussons Victualler
1822-1861 Anthony Pearson Innkeeper
1861-1871 Thomas Pearson Brewer
1867-1872 Sarah Pearson Innkeeper
1873 William Clemmitt Publican
1876-1881 John Clemmitt Publican
1887 John Sawkill Innkeeper
189-1901 Anne Sawkill Landlady
1901 Mrs Elizabeth Cosker Landlady
1903 Henry Marron Owner
1903-1905 Mrs Elizabeth Cosker Licensed Victualler
1907 Sam Wiggins Owner
1907-1909 Arthur Ward Publican
1910 Mrs A. Ward Publican
1910 James Fryer Owner
1911-1921 George Federick Blenkiron Publican
1921 Edgar Wood Publican
1923-1925 William J. McClachin Publican
1927-1929 Robert Edward Beckwith Publican
1929 Willie Franks Publican
1930-1937 Mrs Ellen M. Sierwald Landlady
1949-1954 Jeanine Hobson Landlady
1955-1959 Peter Nee Owner/Landlord
1960-1966 John Dickie Owner/Landlord
1967 Major Launders Landlord
1970s Frank and Dorothy Crossley Owners Landlord/Landlady
2000-2007 Brian Skipp Landlord/Brewer
Current Sue Taylor & Steve Irvine Land Lady/Landlord